Stars of Psi-Division

Stars of Psi-Division

Issue 78

Released: 03/01/2018

Although Judge Cassandra Anderson is Psi-Division’s most famous and powerful telepath, the section within Justice Department for officers with exceptional psychic abilities contains many other operatives that deploy their mental skills in the fight against crime. From Karyn to Judy Janus and Juliet November, these psi-cops face vampires, vengeful ghosts, serial killers and more! With stories scripted by John Wagner (A History of Violence), Alan Grant (Batman), Grant Morrison (The Invisibles), MarkMillar (Kick-Ass), Gordon Rennie (Fighting American) and John Freeman (Gene Dogs), and featuring the art of Carlos Ezquerra (Strontium Dog), Arthur Ranson (Mazeworld), Adrian Salmon (Doctor Who), Paul Johnson (Sinister Dexter) and more, prepare to meet Psi-Div’s finest!


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