The Art of Taxidermy

The Art of Taxidermy

Issue 43

Released: 31/08/2016

In Mega-City One, death is not necessarily the end – those bereaved that cannot bear to be parted from their loved ones can opt to have them stuffed and displayed in their homes. Jacob Sardini is one such professional taxidermist, an exceptional craftsman of the old school, who prides himself on the personal touch. But this kind of talent means all manner of clients come to his door, seeking his skill with a corpse... Featuring stories scripted by John Wagner (A History of Violence), Alan Grant (Batman), Rob Williams (Suicide Squad) and Al Ewing (Zombo) with art by Cam Kennedy (Rogue Trooper), Ian Gibson (The Ballad of Halo Jones), Trevor Hairsine (Cla$$war), John Higgins (Jacked) and more, being dead has never looked so good!


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