Maximum Dinobot

Maximum Dinobot

Issue 19

Released: 06/09/2017

The IDW Generation 1 storyline in updated chronological order, bringing you the entire span of this masterful reinvention of the classic characters and scenarios. The machinations of, well, the Machination, come to shocking fruition as they clash with the Dinobots, Skywatch and Shockwave, in the titanic capstone to the first phase of IDW’s stellar relaunch of the TRANSFORMERS G1 universe. Triumph, tragedy, shocks, surprises and gueststars galore – this one really does have it all. This collection includes the essential Transformers Spotlight: Grimlock and Transformers Spotlight: Wheelie. Plus, new background material created especially for The Definitive Collection and a contextual introduction by series editorial consultant (and writer of Maximum Dinobots) Simon Furman.


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