Warriors of Ultramar by Graham McNeill

Warriors of Ultramar by Graham McNeill

Issue 3

Released: 05/10/2016

In the cold darkness of space, the tyranids travel from world to world, consuming all in a futile attempt to slake their hunger for bio-matter. Lying directly in their path is the industrial planet Tarsis Ultra, where Captain Uriel Ventris and the Ultramarines stand shoulder to shoulder with brother Space Marines from the Mortifactors Chaper. Uriel must accept the barbaris traditions of his allies and act against the ancient tactics laid down in the holdy Codex Astares in order to destroy the alien menace!


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Latest Reviews

James Savage

3 stars

Graeme Wooff

5 stars

Very happy so far quality is great cant wait to have full collection arrives well packed each time waiting on issues 6 and 7 now Thank you This one left me wanting to burn my table top Tyranid army :)

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